Hello, my name Lynnette Miranda, aka the comics femme.

artist • advocate • change maker • connector • convener • curator • educator • facilitator • leader • matchmaker • organizer • promoter • supporter • translator • truth seeker • writer

I do a lot of things, but everything I do starts from a place generosity and with an optimism to build a better community that prioritizes access and equity. In this spirit, I work on a range of different creative projects, some of which fit in squarely within my professional career, while others do not.

Right now, I write about comics and artists. I facilitate friendships and collaborations. I live with my partner Matt Hodapp and our two cats Zadie and Wallace. I love karaoke, board games, talking to my house plants, and being a contrarian. Soon, you can find my essays on comics, curated comic book reading lists, and occasional reviews on my forthcoming comics femme website. I’m also working on some new art and media projects, stay tuned!

Other things I’m working on: learning how to skateboard, becoming a better cat and plant mom, getting back into screen printing, and making zines.

Say hello @comicsfemme or @lynnettemiranda on instagram and twitter. Shoot me an email at lynnette [at] lynnettemiranda [dot] com.